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Sea freight available for every destination around the world contact us for both import and export , for FCL AND LCL SHIPMENTS,we can do forwarding for every where in this world, we are a NVOCC and we have our officesinternationally to look after all forwarding services.

With no restrictions in the size and weight of the goods, we provide a full array of ocean freight forwarding services right from door to door pick up, advance tracking technology and managing shipping documents.

To Logistic Integrators successful Ocean Transport depends on various factors. We strive hard to meet each of the factors and provide our customers with the best possible service. Our services go beyond the mere transportation activities and are much more than forwarding shipment from a warehouse to the consignee. We offer flexible, cost effective, customer oriented Ocean Transport solutions.

Our Customized pricing of Ocean Transport is a major attraction and the concept of one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply here. Every single booking of Ocean transport has its own pricing structure according to the size and need of the customer. This also depends on different shipment commodities and shipment regions.

 We offer following prime products for as a part of Ocean freight solutions;

 Full Container Load :-FCL as popularly known as, is a product which serves the urgency and Volume-economy freight solutions. Logistic Integrators with its extended relations in various countries makes it convenient to explore the best solution in terms of cost, optimum routing, and Minimum transit time, frequency of vessel and space availability. With reach in every key world ports and a carrier relations its network assist in sourcing the best solution for your ocean freight shipment.

 Less Container Load :-LCL, is the more understood terminology. Logistic integrators have a solution for smaller load in form of LCL consolidation, part consolidation which retains the advantage of all features of a Full Container Load but priced as per use basis. Hence every shipper who has lesser volumes gains the advantage of bulk buying capacity of Logistic Integrator and its network partners.

Special Equipments :-There are challenges faced by shipper where the shipped cargo does not match up the size of standard General Purpose Container. That is the time where the shipper is faced with a challenge of using special Equipments to move this shipment. Special equipments involves Flat Rack, ISO tanks, Flat beds, Platform, Open top, Flexi container etc. Logistic Integrators has set of professionals who offer services like:

 - Identifying the type and quantity of equipments required as per the Packing list.

 - Assisting the shipper at factory for specialised loading.

 - Sourcing Special Equipments at competitive pricing.

 - Allied services including packing, lashing, choking etc.